Friday, June 30, 2017

June Little Things

June was such a great month!  It was a wonderful start to our summer!

Lily's soccer team met a Sweet Frog one night to receive their awards for the season.
The girls attended several of Mrs. Humphreys' day camps and got to do a lot of fun activities, including playing with her chickens!
The girls spent a lot of time in the pool this month.  They loved when Holland came to "swim" with them!
We had a fun ice cream date with our sweet friends Rayn and Blaine.
These two are inseparable!
Parker had a couple of baseball tournaments this month.  His team didn't win many games but they had fun playing together.
With my birthday and our trip to Guatemala, this month flew by!  I can't believe it's already July and summer is half over!


The last week of June is always one of our favorite weeks of the year- VBS at FUMC!  The kids always have a great time at Mr. Reed's VBS and come home every day excited about going back the next day!  This was Parker's last year to attend- next year he will be too old.  
Lily is always in Dylann's small group and her mom is always their leader.  Carrie is always so sweet to take a few pictures of Lily and send them to me throughout the week.  I will be sad when they all get too big to go to VBS.  I think I look forward to it as much as they do!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

While Emily and I were in Guatemala with Parker and Addison, the rest of the kids stayed with Cory, Jon, and Granna.  My mom decided to take them on a one night adventure to Great Wolf Lodge.  We have never been there so the kids were so excited to go and see what it was like!
They all had a great time both at the waterpark and doing some of the activities around the hotel. 
The kids were excited that Aunt MerMer and Uncle Jon got to come and spend some time with them too!
Thanks Granna and Granstan for treating the kids to such a fun time while we were gone!

A Taste of Guatemala

One of the things I was most excited about before the trip was seeing what the food in Guatemala was going to be like.  The returning trip members said that in Guatemala City, they usually ate food that was pretty American friendly.  That would have been fine, but I was hoping to try some authentic Guatemalan food too.  Luckily, I got my wish! 

In Chiquimula, we had breakfast every morning at the hotel.  The buffet always included eggs, refried black beans, and fresh fruit.  Some days there would be pancakes or French toast.  This was Parker's favorite meal of the day.
We ate lunch and dinner every day at the Potter's House headquarters.  Josue and Annabella, the Potter's House team leaders in Chiquimula, hired a local caterer to come and prepare authentic Guatemalan meals for us all week. 
The food was amazing!  Lunch is the biggest meal of the day in Guatemala.  We always had meat, rice, vegetables and homemade tortillas for lunch.
Dinner was a lighter meal that usually consisted of a soup, sandwich/quesadilla/etc., and chips.
One night we had spaghetti.  This was the most American meal we had all week!
In addition to all the yummy food, every meal was served with a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.  We had watermelon juice, strawberry juice, and cantaloupe juice, just to name a few.  Every single meal that week had a different type of juice.  It was fun to taste the new juice and guess what type of fruit it was!  Some were easier to figure out than others- the cantaloupe juice was quite tricky!

Overall, the food in Guatemala was amazing!  (Parker would probably not agree with me- he ended up eating peanut butter crackers that I had brought in my backpack for several meals.)  But as much as I enjoyed trying new things, I sure was ready to get back to Texas and have a cheeseburger and a piece of pizza!