Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last Day of School

We are officially on summer break!  It's hard to believe but there's now a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and 1st grader in our house. 
We usually go to McDonalds for pancakes on the last day of school, but they are closed due to remodeling so we went to the donut shop instead.
When I got to school, my team surprised me with birthday treats! I love my team and can't imagine going to work every day without them!
At the last day of school awards assembly, Eden was awarded Perfect Attendance for the entire school year.
And Parker got the Heads Above the Crowd Award for his class! We are so proud of both of them!
Parker's teacher sent me a text with a picture of his new trick! (Just FYI- fidget spinners are not allowed at school but his teacher made an exception since it was the last day of school.)
First/Last day of school comparisons- they've changed so much this year.
It's been a wonderful year with four great teachers but we are definitely looking forward to a fun, relaxing summer! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

4th Grade Field Trip

Today Parker had his last field trip of the year to the Fort Worth Children's Museum. After watching a movie at the Omni theater called Forces of Nature, they had a couple of hours to walk around and enjoy the exhibits. 
It was fun spending the morning with Parker and his friends. Only two more days of school! Summer here we come!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Field Day 2017

STAAR testing is over and that can only mean one thing... it's time for fun days like Field Day and End of the Year parties!  Today the kids enjoyed an entire day of fun!  The girls started with field events and had their parties after lunch. Parker started with his party and ended the day with his field day events. 

This was Lily's first Field Day and she loved it! She and Eden won both of their races (thanks to their really long legs!). 
After races, they moved to their group events like the water balloon toss, obstacle course, and bean bag race.
Lily and Mrs. Pritchard 
The final event of the morning was the tug of war. Neither of their classes won, but Lily's class won the spirit stick for kindergarten.
Eden and Mrs. Humphreys 
After lunch, they each had their end of year parties. I had to work in the concession stand and wasn't able to go, so Granna came and took some pictures for me.
After his party and lunch, it was time for Parker's field day events. He also won both of his races and his class came in second for the 4x4 relay.
Group events 
His class didn't win their tug of war either, but they won the spirit stick for 4th grade.
Parker and Mrs. Adams 
It was a fun but exhausting day!  Only a few more days until summer break starts!  We can't wait!