Saturday, January 30, 2010


My mom watched the kids this morning so I could run over to the outlet mall and check out a really good sale at The Children's Place.

When I got back to her house to pick them up, my dad was in bed with one of his migraines. The kids were in the playroom trying to play quietly so as not to disturb him.

When I asked Parker where Granstan was, he replied, "He has an egghead."

For those of you who don't speak Parkerese, 'egghead' is apparently code for headache!!

I love seeing what they come up with! This one was pretty priceless!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How'd She Do That?

Today after her nap, Eden did something that I never thought would happen (or at least not this soon!)...she escaped from her crib!

I heard her fussing and checked on her in the monitor. Sometimes she will cry out and then lay back down and fall back to sleep. Realizing that she was awake for good, I left my room to go get her. On the way down the hall, I heard her start to cry. And it wasn't just any cry. It was her "hurt cry". I picked up speed, opened her bedroom door, and there she was...running towards me with her arms lifted high.

I still don't know what she did to get out of her crib. I can only imagine how she landed or what all she hit on the way down. I checked her over and didn't find any bumps or bruises, and after a little bit of snuggling, she calmed down and stopped crying.

I know that Eden is a climber. One of her nicknames is Little Monkey. But never in a million years did I think that our 14 month old would learn how to climb out of her crib before our 33 month old.

Tonight, her bumper pads have been removed and I am praying that she does not try to escape again. If she does, I guess we will be in the market for one of those tents that fits over cribs. What a lovely addition to her nursery that would make!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

After 5 days in Colorado, Cory and I are glad to be back home. We had a great time, but missed the kids tremendously, especially when Eden got sick with double ear infections, a horrible cough, and her second round of pink eye. We really appreciate my parents taking care of them while we were gone, and a HUGE thanks to my mom who was up with Eden all night one night when she was sick.

I didn't take a lot of pictures while we were in Colorado. We were too busy skiing, eating, getting massages, and reading by the fire!

We were invited to Beaver Creek by one of the ophthalmologists that Cory refers patients to. He and his wife have a house there and invited our friends, Heath and Stacey, and us to come stay at their house with them. They treated us to a lot of fancy meals, a day at the spa, and Cory even got a ski lesson. They were wonderful hosts and we can't express our appreciation enough for the hospitality they showed us while we were there.

Before we left for our trip, I was a little worried about how I would do when I tried to ski again. It had been 5 years since my last ski trip and I was afraid I was going to make a complete fool out of myself out on the slopes. After 2 days of skiing, I am still not a very proficient skier, but I was quite proud of myself. I was able to ski greens and blues and keep up with both the other ladies on the trip.
The weather was great while we were there...cold, but not too cold. It snowed REALLY hard while we were skiing the last day, but the wind on the mountain was so bitter that it was hard to enjoy the falling snow. The morning we left, it snowed again, but this time it was beautiful! I am so glad we got to see snow while we were there.
This is the house where we stayed. It was incredible! Some of the coolest things were the heated floors and the ski boot warmer that dried out our ski boots and got them ready to wear the next day. The huge fireplace was also one of my favorites, and I spent a lot of time sitting and reading in front of it.

This was the view from the living room. It was absolutely beautiful! I loved getting up every morning and looking out at the mountain view.
Cory and I really enjoyed getting away together for a few days. I wish we could do it more often. It definitely made me realize just how much I love my simple, no frills life. I now feel rejuvenated and ready to face the daily ups and downs of raising two toddlers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was a very busy day in the Brown household!

Guess who got a much needed haircut?
I bet you thought I was going to say Parker! Actually, he also got his hair cut today, and it was also very overdue.Rocky actually got his haircut yesterday and in the process got a nice corneal abrasion that has now turned into a corneal ulcer. I noticed last night at bedtime that his eye looked really red and this afternoon when I got home from work, it was matted shut. I could tell he was in pain so I called the vet and they could get him in at 4:30 this afternoon. Unfortunately, that was the same time as Parker's haircut. Thank goodness for Granna! She volunteered to take Parker to his haircut while Eden and I took Rocky to the vet. Hopefully the 3 medicines that we got will clear it up in no time.

In addition to vet visits and haircuts, I have been trying to pack for our ski trip. We leave tomorrow afternoon and for some reason, I cannot get motivated to pack. The suitcases are out of the attic and Parker and Eden have enjoyed playing in them the past 2 days.

I don't know about you, but I think these are 2 of the cutest stowaways I have ever seen!

They will not be going on the trip and will be staying with my parents. Cory's mom is also going to be helping out during the day while my mom is at work. I am really looking forward to getting away for a few days, but am a little apprehensive about skiing. The last time I skied was 5 years ago, and I wasn't that good back then. Hopefully, it will be like riding a bike and I will be racing down the slopes in no time- ha!

I don't know what our computer access will be like in Colorado, but I will try to post some pictures if I get a chance. Have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

To The Rescue

We drove over to Mansfield this afternoon to play with Addison and Aubrey. First, we went to a local playground and enjoyed the nice weather. Then, since Uncle Jon's fire station was just a few blocks away, we decided to take the kids over and let them see the fire engine.

Parker enjoyed getting to climb on the fire truck and especially liked when Uncle Jon turned on the ambulance lights. His favorite part, however, was the balloon that Jon made from a medical glove. Oh, to be two again and enjoy the simplest things!! (Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I didn't have my camera and had to use my phone.)

Parker in the fire engine

Eden sitting on the fire engine Parker sitting in the ambulance
Addison in her helmet
Eden in her helmet
Eden in the uniform closet
Thanks again Uncle Jon for giving us a tour of the fire station. We had a great time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello, My Name is Parker...

and I'm addicted to video games.

I know you might think we are terrible parents for having already introduced Parker to the world of video games, but before you judge, let me explain how we handle it around our house.

Cory has a love for video and computer games. He always has and always will. It is his one hobby, kind of like hunting or golfing is for other guys.

A few months ago, Cory was playing one of his kid friendly games and Parker started watching him. A little while later, Cory showed him how to use the controller to move the characters. From that moment on, Parker became hooked.

Not too long after, the video games started running our lives. Parker wanted to play morning, noon, and night. It was all he talked about and I finally decided that I had had enough. We had to create and start enforcing some new rules.

I don't want Parker to be one of those kids who can't play creatively with toys or who doesn't want to go outside and play just because he wants to play a video game. I work with those kinds of kids every day and they are hard to have conversations with because video games are all that they want to talk about.

Our new rule is that Parker is allowed to play his game for 15 minutes before bedtime every night. That's it. He doesn't play during the day at all.

At first, the new rule was very hard to enforce. Parker asked all. day. long. if he could play and it took a lot of strength to say "no" after being asked for the hundredth time. (You think I am exaggerating!) The "no's" were usually accompanied with full blown tantrums and lots of frustration for both of us.

But, I am happy to say that I have stuck to my guns and have not given in. Not even once.

The result: Parker did not ask once today to play his game. He played all afternoon with me and Eden. We played with toys, worked puzzles, and read books and had a great time.

I wish there was a way to have never introduced Parker to video games, but in this household, that is just not a possibility. I know that it is something that will always be a part of Cory's life, and as a result, it will be a part of Parker's life too.

I think that as long as we stay in control of the situation and limit the amount of time that Parker spends playing on a daily basis, everyone will go to bed happy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tunnel of Fun

For Christmas, fun Aunt MerMer gave Parker and Eden this great contraption. It is a tent and teepee connected by a tunnel. It takes up most of our living room. I have, however, learned to overlook the fact that I can't put anything else on that side of the room because the kids absolutely LOVE it!
They have spent so much time playing in it, reading in it, eating their snacks in it, crawling through it, hiding in it, and throwing their balls through the tunnel. It has given me so much free time that I am considering making it a permanent piece of furniture in our living room.
Eden was a little afraid of the tunnel at first. It took her almost a week before she would even attempt it, but once she tried it, there was no looking back!

Thanks again Aunt MerMer for such a fun Christmas present! We can't wait for you to come over and crawl through the tunnel with us!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anybody Know a Good Eye Doctor?

So do you feel about waking up with your first case of pink eye this morning?
I know. It's no fun to have red, watery, gunky eyes. But, have no fear, I know a really good (and handsome) eye doctor that we can call! I think he will know just what to do.
That's right! Daddy can give us some drops to make you feel all better! How do feel now?
Thanks Daddy for making Eden feel better so quickly! We love you very much!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Teeny Bit Excessive

Now that he is getting bigger, Parker has become quite the little helper. He helps feed the dog. He carries his dirty dishes to the sink after dinner. He helps me swiffer the floor on cleaning days.

Today I let him help me get his snack ready. This is just my opinion, but I think we need a little lesson in portion control.

The funniest part was that he really didn't understand why I made him put most of them back and wouldn't let him have all of them.

At what age do they learn "All things in moderation!"?!?!?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful

We awoke this morning to a very cold and windy day, or as the local news called it, "The Arctic Blast". (Don't they always go into full panic mode over the weather!) Due to some icy road conditions, my school postponed its opening until 10 o'clock, which meant an extra hour of sleep for me. After the kids got up, Parker decided that he wanted to crawl into bed and cover up, just like his Daddy. Don't they look like two peas in a pod!

This is Parker's TV watching position. Notice the left thumb in his mouth and his right thumb playing with his belly button. This is what he does when he watches TV, rides in the car, listens to me read books, or anytime he gets really tired. I am not sure how we are ever going to get him to stop doing this. On Christmas Eve, when he was wearing his Christmas pajamas, he could not get to his bellybutton. He spent the entire car ride home crying and screaming, "I need my bellybutton! I need my bellybutton!" Ugh! I pity the parents that have to break that habit!!
Eden did not leave the house today, but that did not stop her from getting all bundled up in mommy's scarf.
Here she is smiling for the of her newest tricks.
We hope that you all stay warm in these chilly temperatures the next few days. We don't plan on getting out of the house much. Pray that I don't lose my sanity when the walls start caving in on me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When I Grow Up...

I want to be a nurse, just like my Aunt MerMer!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Are You Doin'?

Now that Eden has turned one, I have not been doing the monthly updates on the new things that she is doing and learning. She continues to grow and change daily and loves to mimic her big brother. She still has not said her first word, but I am pretty optimistic that (unlike Parker) it will be Momma!!

The one thing that I am most excited to report is that Eden has discovered books. For the first year, she showed no interest in them and I have to say that, as a reading specialist, I was starting to get a little worried. A love of reading is something that I want all children to have, but I especially want my own children to develop their interest in reading at an early age. Recently, Eden brought me a book and backed up into my lap for me to read it to her and I was thrilled. These days, you can usually find her carrying a book around or sitting in the playroom turning the pages and looking at the pictures of some of her favorite books. We have also added storytime to her bedtime routine and we read 4 or 5 books every night before I put her in bed.

Like I mentioned, Eden loves to mimic her brother. One of the things she has started wanting to do is eat her snack out of a bowl, just like Parker. One day, I put her in her highchair for her afternoon snack and placed her snack on the tray. She started throwing a huge fit until I put her snack into a bowl. After that, I didn't hear a peep out of her. She is getting better and better about being able to walk with her snack without tipping it and pouring most of it on the floor to an awaiting Rocky, who is now her best friend.
Parker continues to grow and change daily, too. His speech has gotten even more sophisticated over the past few weeks and I amazed at how he is putting his words together. He talks in complete sentences without leaving any words out. The other day he said, "Mommy, get Eden out of the tent." Just a few short weeks ago, he would have probably just said, "Get out" so I am amazed at his progress.
His newest thing to say is, "Hey Mom, what are you doin"?" He literally says it all. day. long.

Some of his most memorable mispronunciations right now are controder (controller) and tomordow (tomorrow).
I think that Parker and Eden are both going through growth spurts right now because they are both eating us out of house and home. Neither one of them turn down food and are often asking for second and third helpings. We are also now going through 2 gallons of milk a week. This may not seem like a big deal, but this is coming from a household that used to only buy one half gallon per week (and half of that usually got thrown away.)

They have been playing a little bit more together, and as a result, sharing is something we are constantly working on. Parker can be so sweet to her when he wants to be. I look forward to watching their relationship develop even more over the next few years.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Future Gymnast?

We may have a future gymnast on our hands...Parker has learned how to do a somersault. (Just kidding...Cory would never allow me to put Parker in a sport that would require him to wear leotards.)

You will see that Parker is quite proud of his new trick and makes everyone clap for him after he has finished. (Please excuse the fact that he is only wearing a was bath time and we were headed to the bathtub right after this video was taken.)