Friday, October 30, 2015

Community Helper Fair

Lily had her Community Helper Fair today.  I know I keep saying this, but after six consecutive years of Sunshine Preschool Community Helper Fairs, it's hard to believe that this was our last one ever!
Lily decided to dress up as a chef this year which is the same thing she chose to be last year.  She was paired up with Dylann and they had a great time pretending to be bakers,
grocery store shoppers,
construction workers,
and garbage collectors.
Lily is so social and it's fun to watch her interact with the sweet friends she had made over the past two years at preschool.  We will miss these sweet friends so much next year!
I am so thankful to Miss Tammy and Miss Amy for all of the time and effort they put into making this year's Community Helper Fair a huge success!

Happy 5th Birthday Dylann Rose!

Yesterday we helped Lily's best friend, Dylann, celebrate her 5th birthday.  She had a western party at her house complete with a petting zoo.  The girls had a great time petting goats, bunnies, chickens, miniature donkeys, and llamas. 
I was shocked at how comfortable the girls were around the animals.  They even got inside the cage with several of them!
It was a fun evening spending time with a lot of sweet friends!  What a great way to celebrate turning 5! Happy Birthday, Dylann Rose!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday School Halloween Party

Lily had her Thursday School Halloween party this afternoon.  Her teacher, Mrs. Angie, was sick so the parents joined together to throw them a fun party!  The had a photo booth and played a game before going inside their classroom to enjoy a whole lot of treats!  Earlier in the day, they had trick or treated throughout the church and received even more treats.  She definitely didn't come home empty handed and I'm pretty sure she was on a sugar high the rest of the afternoon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eight and a Half

     The past 8 1/2 years have flown by!  You are growing so quickly and you are going to be taller than me before I know it! I love the stage you are in right now!  You are getting old enough that we can joke with you but we can have more grown up conversations with you too.  Here are some of the things I want to remember about you at this stage of your life:
-You are still tall and thin but you are no longer the tallest boy in your class.  Several other boys have now caught up and are just as tall as you.  You weigh about 70 pounds and wear size 8/10 clothes and size 5/6 shoe. 
-You are a great student and an avid reader.  You continue to be on the A honor roll and have easily made you AR benchmarks.  You are currently reading the fourth Harry Potter book without any help from us. 
-You are a good eater and will try most foods.  You have started eating hamburgers but your favorite food continues to be spaghetti.  You also like tacos, taco salad, fruit (especially raspberries), chips and salsa, and eggs and bacon. You like cereal but refuse to eat it with milk!
-You are going to start Little Dribblers basketball in a few weeks.  Our new neighbor gave us a basketball goal and we have been shooting hoops almost every day after school.  I am anxious to see if you enjoy playing another sport as much as you love baseball.
-You still love playing computer games and video games, especially when Daddy plays with you.  You are always quick to get your homework finished so that you can play for a few minutes.
-You are such a good helper around the house and rarely complain when asked to help with chores. You will never know how much I appreciate your willingness to pitch in without complaining.  What a great example you are to your sisters!
-You love math and are excited to be learning multiplication in school.  You learn your facts quickly and easily and rarely need more than a few days to learn a new set of facts.
-You are learning how to write in cursive and can't wait to show me what new letters/words you have learned. 
You are a great kid, Parker, and I love hanging out with you every day.  I dread the day that I become too uncool for you to want to be around.  You are funny, smart, passionate, self motivated, and driven and I'm so thankful that God chose me to be your mom.  I hope you will always know just how loved you are and how proud I am to call you my son! 
I love you to the moon and back, Mommy

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lily's 5th Birthday Party

Lily had so much fun at her birthday party last year at Miss Tammy's that she wanted to have it there again this year.  Her only request was that she didn't have to have a joint party with Eden this year!
ALL of her sweet friends from preschool and church were able to come to the party!  It had been raining for three days so the kids were all excited to run around and jump in the bounce houses after being cooped up in their houses for a few days!
In between all of the jumping, the kids ate pizza,
opened presents,
and ate cake!  Lily picked out the My Little Pony cake she wanted me to make this year and was so pleased with how it turned out!
Lily was thrilled that Aunt MerMer and Uncle Craig were able to drive over for her party!
Overall, it was a perfect party!  The only bad thing was that Eden had the stomach bug the night before the party and had to stay home with Granna during the party.  The girls were both disappointed that she couldn't come but luckily we will be having another party for Eden's birthday next month so they have something to look forward to soon!

We are so thankful to all of our family and Lily's friends who came out on a rainy evening to help us celebrate her turning 5! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

Today we celebrated Lily's 5th birthday.  We started the day with presents because Lily couldn't wait until after school to open them!  She didn't ask for anything big this year so we got her a lot of smaller things like some new books, doll accessories, and a new soccer goal for the backyard. 
After presents, we went to Granna's for our annual birthday pancakes and more presents.
 Lily was so excited that Cory was able to come to breakfast before he left for work.
Lily had a great time celebrating her birthday at Thursday School too!  Mrs. Angie made her feel very special and she even got to go up on stage while all of the other kids sang Happy Birthday to her.  We sent pink donuts with sprinkles and chocolate milk for her birthday treat and they were a big hit!
For dinner, we let Lily pick where she wanted to eat and she chose CiCi's Pizza.  It wasn't my first choice but she enjoyed it so that's all that matters!  We ended the night with one last treat and let Lily blow out her "5" candle.  
It was a great day celebrating a very special little girl!  We are so blessed to have Lily in our lives.  I hope she enjoyed her day as much as I did!

Five Years Old

My sweet Lily Claire-
    Today you turn 5 years old!  You are officially a big girl (even though you will always be my baby!). You are at such a fun age and I love the stage you are in right now!  Here are a few things I always want to remember about you as you turn another year older:

- You are still very tall.  You are the tallest in your class and tower over some of the other boys and girls.  You are wearing size 6 clothes and size 13/1 shoes.  (Update- We went for your well check today and you are 47 inches tall (99th percentile) and weight 53 pounds (96th percentile).  Dr. Morrow predicted that you will be almost 6 feet tall as an adult.  It will be fun to see if her prediction is right!)

- You are still a good eater and will try most things.  There are not very many things you don't like but the one thing you usually won't eat is beans. 

- You are a good sleeper and have finally started sleeping through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. 

- You say the funniest things and are always making us laugh.  You still mix up words/phrases and you use the best expressions when you talk.

- You are very smart and are starting to read.  You know several sight words and can find them in stories we read together.  You can read easy books with patterns all by yourself.  You love learning and do very well at preschool.  I know you are going to excel in kindergarten next year.

- You are very social and make friends easily.  You look forward to seeing your friends at preschool every day.  Some of your good friends are Dylann Rose, Annabelle, and Hadley.  You also LOVE spending time with Addison, Aubrey, and Ryan.  Your best friend is Eden and the two of you usually play so well together.  You are complete opposites in so many ways but balance each other out perfectly.  I pray that you will always be close sisters.

- You love to color and draw and are always making pictures for me to hang on my door!  You also love to play UNO and are really good at it!  You still love to play with your baby dolls and stuffed animals and usually have one close by.

- You have loved playing soccer this fall and can't wait for each practice and game.  I'm anxious to see if you will stick with it or try something new in the spring.

- You are my sidekick during the day while Parker and Eden are at school.  I love having you with me as we run errands and I'm really going to miss my one-on-one time with you next year when you start kindergarten.

I'm so thankful for you, Lily, and my life wouldn't be the same without you!  You are full of spunk and sass and you complete our family perfectly!  I love how excited you are about turning five and I pray that this will be your best year yet!

I love you to the moon and back, Mommy