Monday, October 31, 2016

October Little Things

October brought a first for the Brown household... our first broken bone!  Lily got tripped and fell at PE one afternoon and after several days I realized she wasn't using her left arm. She was holding it down at her side and when I asked her to raise her arm, she couldn't. After a quick trip to see Dr. Morrow, the X-ray showed that she had broken her collarbone. She had to wear a sling for three weeks and was out of PE/recess for over a month. She was quite a trooper and after the initial annoyance of having to wear a sling, she hardly complained.  
We had Open House at school and the kids got to show off some of their work. Parker's class decorated their chairs to look like them so we would know where his desk was!
We got to keep Holland one afternoon while Aunt MerMer was at work and the kids were a huge help.
We went to the business fair and Parker got to pick Dr. Benke's nose to win a prize!
I have been wanting to get back into the habit of working out but did not want to join a gym again. I discovered a new boot camp in town called Camp Gladiator that meets at noon three days a week. I have been going all month and love it!  It's so hard but so rewarding.

Since Lily can't do anything active right now with her broken collarbone, she has been doing a lot of coloring and drawing. One night while Parker was at baseball practice, the girls sat out on the porch and visited and drew pictures for over an hour. It was so sweet of Eden to join Lily since she couldn't swing or jump on the trampoline. 
Eden is loving 2nd grade and Mrs. Humphreys is so sweet to send me pictures throughout the week of things they are doing in class.
Eden was so excited to lose another tooth!
I loved Eden's answer on her science test!  
It was painful, but I voted!  It will be interesting to see how this election turns out here in a few weeks! 
Parker's sweet friend Lexi is going to be moving to Florida at the end of the month. We are all so sad to see her go. She's been coming over after school and playing games with Parker the last few weeks. Parker and Lexi  are such sweet friends and I know he's going to miss her more than he will admit.
I got to have a girls night out and loved seeing all of my college friends.
Parker's friend, Kaden, asked him to come watch his karate belt test. Kaden impressed Parker with his ability to break a board.
Cory and I had the chance to go to dinner and decided to take the "bigs" with us. We ate at Babe's and they loved it!  It's so fun to watch Parker and Addison's friendship grow even as they are getting older.
October was a busy month for The Browns!  Only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving break!

Halloween 2017

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins the day before Halloween. 
Parker wasn't sure about the slimy pumpkin guts!
Finished products!
On Halloween, I made mummy pizzas before we left to trick or treat. 
The kids couldn't decide what they wanted to be for Halloween this year. After shooting down all of my suggestions and having a couple of meltdowns (them, not me!), they finally decided on a soccer player, a basketball player, and a witch. Creative, I know!
For many years, only a few houses in our neighborhood have participated in handing out candy so we've had to go to other neighborhoods to trick or treat. This year, we had at least ten new families move in and all of them participated. It was so fun to be able to trick or treat in our own area!
After a quick trip around the circle, the kids headed back to the house to help Cory hand out candy. They played "spooky" music and loved seeing a lot of their friends who came to trick or treat in our neighborhood.
It was a low key but very fun evening!  Now if I can just stay out of the candy bowl!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Birthday Celebrations

October was a very busy month for birthday parties. Lily helped Dylann Rose celebrate her 6th birthday with a pancakes and pajamas party. 
Eden helped Carson celebrate his 8th birthday with a Minecraft party. 
We helped Lawson celebrate his 3rd birthday with a party at the fire station.

Parker helped Cole celebrate his 10th birthday at the trampoline park.
And Eden helped Caroline, her soccer teammate, celebrate her birthday with a camping party.
Happy Birthday to all of our friends this month!  We hope you had a great time celebrating your special day!

Pumpkin Patch 2016

It took all month, but we were finally able to get all of the cousins together to take our annual pumpkin patch pictures. We were excited to add Holland to the bunch this year. 
Just the girls
And the boys
The "bigs"
The "middles"
The "littles"
Sweet baby Holland 
It will be a sad day when Parker gets too big to pull a pumpkin in a wagon. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lily's Field Trip to Mainstay Farm

Today I got to go back to Mainstay Farm with Lily's kindergarten class on their field trip.  They got to go on a hay ride, roast marshmallows, climb in a tree house, and jump on a huge trampoline!  It was so fun to spend the day with her and her sweet friends. 
Anika, Lily, and Lilly
Lily and Cambree