Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2017

Before bed on Christmas Eve, the kids made sure to put out their reindeer food and milk and cookies for Santa.
They woke up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had left all three of them a new bike!
Parker has been wanting a new basketball and he was so excited that the girls gave him one!
Even Maggie got a few new toys in her stocking!
The kids all got new Bibles
and new books.
The girls used the new window markers that Aunt Emily had given them to write us a Christmas message.
After we finished opening presents, Grandma and Papa came over for Christmas breakfast and more presents.  Parker got more books and was in heaven!
The girls got some fun new toys and entertained themselves for hours playing with their new things.
I guess we were having too much fun, but I completely forgot to get a picture of the kids with Grandma and Papa.  I will definitely have to be better about that next year.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday and finished the day feeling loved and blessed!

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