Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas at Granna/Granstan's

We started our Christmas celebrations with Granna on Christmas Eve Eve.  We began with cookie decorating.  The kids did a great job this year.  It's nice that they can do most of the decorating themselves now that they are older. 
After decorating cookies, the kids went around Granna's neighborhood to spread Christmas cheer to some of the widows that live nearby.  They took them some of the cookies and play several songs they had learned on the handbells.
On Christmas Eve, we went back to Granna's house to open presents and enjoy Christmas dinner.  Both Uncle Jon and Aunt MerMer had to work on Christmas this year, so we had to celebrate a day early. 
We told the kids they couldn't open any presents until they had taken family pictures, so they were excited to finally get their stockings.
Lily got a keyboard from Granna and Granstan,
Eden got a new camera,
and Parker got Legos.
It was so fun to be with Holland on her first Christmas!
The kids were exhausted by the end of the day, but were excited to head home to get ready for Santa to come!

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