Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Little Things

December was busy, busy, busy but fun, fun, fun!  Hopefully the new year will bring a little bit of calmness into our lives- I know I could definitely use it!

We started the month with a visitor!  Our elf Charlie came back and brought with him a countdown to Christmas.  The kids were so glad he was back!
Eden and Parker started Little Dribblers basketball in December.  They both have great coaches and have several friends on their teams.  Eden is still a little timid but is learning a lot and loves to go to practice. 
Dr. Hu and Emma always send us a Christmas gift each year.  This year, they sent a nice pancake and waffle mix set.  It arrived on a night that I didn't know what I was making for dinner so we opened it right up and had breakfast for dinner.  The kids loved it!
The kids had Santa pics at school one day so we all decided to wear our Santa hats to school.  I sure love these three kids!
Eden wasn't sure about our picture with Santa.  One of these days, I'm going to get a tear-free photo!
We had our school wide Christmas program and all three kids did a great job!
Eden and her friend Carson
Cory and Jon surprised me and Emily with tickets to the Mercy Me Christmas concert in Dallas.  Granna kept all of the kids and we enjoyed a night out.  The concert was amazing!
We took the kids to see A Charlie Brown Christmas down at the Plaza Theater.
Lily is always making us laugh with her silliness!
Parker made this elaborate Christmas decoration in his GT class.  I knew we wouldn't be able to save it so I made sure to take a picture of it.
Lily has been begging to start piano lessons but we didn't have a piano.  One day while my mom was getting her hair cut, her hairdresser mentioned that one of her clients was wanting to give her piano away.  I called her, arranged for Cory and Jon to go pick it up, and now we have a piano for the girls to learn on! It was perfect timing and they can't wait to start lessons next month!
December was a good month but it was also one of the hardest months we have ever had.  On the night of December 10th, we got a call that changed our lives.  Heath and Brende's three year old son, Lawson, passed away in a terrible, freak accident.  Helping them through that first week and going to the funeral was one of the hardest things we have ever experienced.  I can't even begin to imagine the grief they are experiencing right now and I know the next few months are going to be really tough for them and their families.  This has definitely made us hug our kids tighter and think about how we should never take any moment we have with them for granted. 

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